Brothers Lazaroff released "Science Won" in April of 2012. In the leading up to the release they asked different musical acts/friends to make lo-fi videos of themselves performing the various tunes on the album. The Lamar Harris (aka DJ Nune) and Thelonius Kryptonite collaboration on "Picking Up Sticks" planted the seed for a more formal remix - and from there it expanded. Brothers Lazaroff reached out to their favorite experimental, hip-hop, house, and electro producers and in some cases matched them up with some of their favorite lyricists and vocalists. Mainly looking to their local community - they also reached out to some old friends in other parts of the country.

While "Science Won" is not the most obvious album for remix - as it was recorded all live - not to a click track - with acoustic instruments - the results demonstrate the connectedness of all music and how its more about energy than style or genre.
Maurice Egeston plays keys in Brothers Lazaroff (2008-2014 )and also leads his own groups under the moniker Mo E. Mo has been making Brothers Lazaroff remixes for the 4 plus years he's been in the band and schooling them on electronic music in general. Mo connected with Elizabeth McQueen to complete the track - a frequent Brothers Lazaroff collaborator and best friend. Now...Listen to the sounds of Mo E
from Science Won Remix released 15 November 2012
Maurice Egeston - Production
Elizabeth McQueen - Vocals