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Mo Egeston Discography

Mo Egeston & Mo E All-Stars (Mo Egeston All-Stars)

"Home"- Single 2020

"Amen Breakfast"- Single 2020

"Popcorn Blue" - Single 2020

"Sun Spots" Single 2019

Groove Suites Vol. 1 (Mo E All-Stars) 2017

"I Could Stay Here for the Rest of My Life (Mo Egeston Remix)" featuring Elizabeth McQueen- Science Won Remixes (Brothers Lazaroff) November 2012

All-Star Sessions- unreleased

Electronica Suites Vol. 1- unreleased

Brothers Lazaroff

Science Won (Brothers Lazaroff)- April 2012

Give Em What They Need (Brothers Lazaroff) 2011

Urban Jazz Naturals

Urban Jazz EP Demarkus Lewis Remix (Large/Vista Music) 2005

"How Can I?" JT Donaldson Remix (Gallery) 2004

Urban Jazz Naturals 01 (Urban Jazz Naturals) 2002

Vargas Swing

Fire (Vargas Swing)- 1998