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Mo Egeston Music Update- March 29


Hard to believe we're at the end of the month again but that means the Mo E All-Stars will be taking the stage at Lola which is always a good thing.  This Saturday March 31 we'll be on at 9 PM opening up for a diverse bill of artists that includes Hawthorne Headhunters, Def Sound and the headliner J*Davey.   

Check out Lola's website for more info.

The week got off to a great start with the Mo E All-Stars 3 at the Delmar Lounge. The Delmar is changing some things around which means we got to stretch out and play the late set. Drummer Grover Stewart and percussionist Duane Williams killed it!  Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts it looks like we won't be doing an April show.  But we'll definitely be back in May with our own special blend of House, Soul, Latin and Nu Jazz.  

Here's a clip or click the link if you get this in an email.  Many thanks to everyone who came out and supported the All-Stars groove.

Switching hats for a minute, this week also marks the beginning of solo and ensemble and recital season.  As usual I'll be accompanying the orchestra students from Ladue Middle School.   Following that violinist Twinda Murry and I will hold  our next student recital at Steinway Piano Gallery on May 1.  This year I'm also excited to accompany the violin and voice students from Teipen Performing Arts for our Spring Recital on May 20.

I joined mezzo-soprano/violinist Nora Teipen, pianist George Tesson and guitarist Deyan Bratic (all Teipen teachers) this past week for a special 2nd grade classroom visit at Conway Elementary. We talked about our careers in music and did quick demonstrations of our instruments and various styles of music. The kids got to hear opera, finger style guitar, jazz and even a little Charlie Brown music (Guaraldi) and we had a great time doing it.  Nice to have such a curious and appreciative audience! We definitely will do that again.

Returning to club land...

I'll be doing a couple of shows in early to mid April at Lola during the dinner hour.  One date is to be confirmed but Thursday April 19 is on the books as a part of the all new Downtown STL Art Walk.  Dates and times will be confirmed by the next update.

Of course the big news in April is Brothers Lazaroff's CD release weekend April 20-22.   Coming off another fun SXSW we're looking forward to a weekend that showcases all sides of the band.  Friday its the Gramophone with the Feed and Cree Rider and Saturday we're unplugged at the Focal Point with special guests CocoSoul and James Stone Goodman. The weekend closes with a return to Sunday Brunch at Lola also featuring JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound.  The new release "Science Won" is already getting some spins on KDHX....official promotions are on the way.

Coming Soon...

April 27- 1904 Steakhouse (River City) with CocoSoul
April 28 @ Lola with Mark DeClive Lowe 

Thanks for reading.  Hope to see you at a show soon!

Maurice "Mo" Egeston
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