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Elizabeth McQueen and Brothers Lazaroff Kickstarter


Elizabeth McQueen and Brothers Lazaroff want to make an EP together, and they'd like you to be a part of it.

Elizabeth McQueen and Brothers Lazaroff have been playing music together for so long that we've become as close as family. Now, we'd like you to become part of that family. We'd like to invite you to join us as we embark on a new project. Laugh with us as we make mistakes.  See how the studio process works. Watch us as we make decisions not just about the music, but about the visual and video aspects of the project.  Explore with us as we navigate making music together while living 800 miles apart.

In 2008, Elizabeth put out "The Laziest Girl in Town." In January 2012, Brothers Lazaroff remixed two songs, just to see how it went.

It went really well.

So well in fact that we want to finish the project. Our goal is to make a 5 song EP, although if we exceed our funding goal we'd love to do more songs.  The dollar amount we've put together covers the recording, mixing, and mastering costs for the project. It also covers the production costs for CD and Vinyl copies, as well as promotional costs for the project.

Though we call these remixes, they're actually more like reworkings of the songs.  We take the original tracks and build upon them, often rewriting and re-recording a large part of the instrumentation. It's a pretty involved process, but one that has produced work we're all incredibly proud of.  You can here the first two songs we recorded here:

But we want more than just your help in paying for the costs of the project.  The seismic shifts of the digital age have changed the mandate for musicians. It's no longer about us creating in secret, and then releasing our work for the sole purpose of selling it.  Now we can involve anyone who wants to be in the creative process. We can give you insight into the collaboration involved in pre-production and the sometimes nerve wracking always rewarding recording process through video updates and blog posts. You can watch as we discover the depth and breath of how we want the record to sound and look.  We'll even let you know how we're navigating this Kickstarter campaign, which is new for all of us.  We get to communicate directly to you which means we get to create a community around a project, rather than just trying to generate a buzz. 

Plus you get the music and, depending on what level you choose to pledge at, a customized  voicemail greeting and/or limited edition T-shirts and/or limited edition screen print posters. Maybe even a house concert! 

It's exciting. And we can't wait to get started!

We hope you'll join us and hope you'll celebrate the fact that now we can do more with music than we ever could before.

Let's make something together.