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Mo E All-Stars Music

Groove Suites, Vol. 1

by Mo E All-Stars

Released 2017
Mo Egeston Music
Released 2017
Mo Egeston Music
Instrumental soul, nujazz, Latin and funk blended with organic drum and bass, house and downtempo grooves. The dance floor influence can’t be denied- but listening is just fine.
Taking inspiration from a variety of sources, Mo E All-Stars have created a unique sound around the originals, reworks and arrangements of pianist Mo Egeston. Since his days with the pioneering live house/electronic project Urban Jazz Naturals, Egeston's original music has featured influences of jazz, soul, Latin, funk and all things electronic including deep house, nujazz and drum and bass. Essentially taking familiar dance and lounge elements and using them as a starting place for organic groove based compositions.

Mo E All-Stars debut EP Groove Suites Vol. 1 features 8 original instrumental works composed by Egeston and inspired by the abilities and playing styles of original members Duane “Jingo” Williams and Grover Stewart Jr. Egeston typically writes from the piano first but often creates groove templates in the studio. He then relies on Stewart (drums) and Williams (percussion) to breathe life into his studio generated grooves. The addition of bassist Eric “Snoopy” Tyler in 2015 allowed the band to fully recreate Mo’s ideas in a live setting, leading them to the studio a year later.

The All-Stars developed as a trio primarily through residencies at the St. Louis, MO clubs Lola and the Delmar Lounge. During the early years, the band’s sound featured live drums and percussion with Mo playing keyboards and key bass while also manipulating bass loops. Today their sound is more organic and they continue to evolve through Mo’s current residency at the Dark Room.

To capture the essence of the band’s sound the bulk of the EP was recorded live at Sawhorse Studios in one 4-hour session. Subsequent production work was done by Mo in his home studio, followed by mixing, mastering and additional production work by Jason McEntire.

When not performing or writing, Mo maintains a private piano studio in Downtown St. Louis. He has also taught courses and lessons at area colleges, performing arts schools and universities for the past 25 years.